figure out what's just right for your child

From Data to Information. From Information to Insights and beyond.

Data Analytics is the process of converting data into information and subsequently converting information into Insights. The phenomenon of using data to understand problems and finding effective solutions to address those issues is the growing global trend involving Governments, NGOs, and Corporates.

We use the most sophisticated models - from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Statistical models and Text Analytics to Behavioural models - to crunch the academic data with a single purpose - figure out what’s just right for your child. All of this comes to you as simple feedback on your tab/mobilephone/laptop, enabling you to address, understand, evaluate and improve the capabilities of your children, so that they truly become the promise of the future.


Join with us NOW. Engage like never before, today, to build the tomorrow for your child truly deserves.

We know you care about your children. Every input of yours today constitutes the building blocks that construct the future of your children. All the time you spend with them, the stories you narrate, the food you feed, the habits inculcated, every conversation and every hug, are all add-ons to your child’s life giving it a shape, form and identity.

What about the child’s future? Getting your child to go to the best school around is just the beginning. Your involvement derived from right assessment of your child’s capabilities and aspirations can help create the future that your child truly deserves. We work with schools to crunch data, analyse the latest trends, assess your kid’s skills and bring it all to your fingertips enabling you to make the right decisions about your child’s future.


The future beckons your child. Are you ready for it?

What is your child destined to become? He/she might be the next promising atomic physicist, journalist, lawyer, genetic engineer, film star, tennis player or micro biologist. How would you know? Do you have enough information so that you can find out? What would you do once you know? Is your child equipped enough to walk the long way?

Just the grade doesn’t do this job. Your understanding of your child cannot be limited to a number or grade that comes to you. Your child deserves better. Learn where your child ranks in each subject/extra-curricular activity through customized analysis and set his/her path right through recommendations specially crafted for your child so that he or she becomes the best version of themselves.

We can give you information about your child’s overall performance in the form of comprehensive and individualized feedback which gives you the necessary insight over and above the grades.