Smart ERP

Smart ERP System Smart ERP Platform is our native platform that helps deliver the power of data analytics models developed by us at the power of fingertips of the school. We have different accesses for the parent, the teacher, the admin, and the management – each access tailored to provide the best information necessary for their roles to be successful. We have an easy to use interface for the teacher to access at any time for filling the academic assessment (i.e., the questionnaire pertaining to the subject) and personality assessment (i.e., the questionnaire pertaining to the student’s observable traits) that is detailed below.

Mark Entry

  • This module helps the teacher to entry marks to students for the completed exams.
  • For mark entry teacher needs to select exam, exam term subject wise

Co-curricular Mark Entry

  • For the subject teacher of arts and sports can entry marks to the students by selecting the subject and exams.

Extra academics Mark Entry.

  • For subject teacher of extra-curricular subjects can use this module to enter scored marks accordingly to students by selecting subject and exams.


  • Click on the attendance modules leads to the detail view of the attendance of the students of allotted classes
  • Provides the features of attendance management (Filters), Today’s attendance, attendance summary, attendance by cut off, attendance by date range.
  • Class teacher can mark attendance of her/his class daily wise.


  • Using this module teacher can plan the lessons and topics with timeline.
  • Teacher can attach related documents in the lesson plan.
  • Lesson plan can be downloaded to pdf format.
  • Teacher can add differentiation and essential questions.
  • Teacher can send to review the lesson plan to the HOD.

Lesson Plans.

  • Lesson plans are the dashboard view to the teachers who all are HOD and to the Principal.
  • Provision to review and update the status of the lesson plan.
  • Lesson plans listing can be filtered by date, class, subject, teacher, and status.

Class Reports.

  • Teacher’s class reports divided into three parts like class report, subject report, Individual report and consolidated report.
  • Class reports are the marks/grade obtained by the students for the Terms wise.
  • Subject report are the marks/grade obtained by the students subject wise.
  • Individual reports are the progress reports of the individual terms wise.
  • This module is very customizable, can be create all type of reports cards using this module.

Student Remarks .

  • This option provides class teacher to enter remarks to each students.
  • Also allows to enter term wise attendance.

Study Material

  • Teacher can add study materials and reference to chapter wise this can be shown to the parent and students. Material can be a document, image, video or Link.

Smart Portfolio.

We use advanced data analytics models commonly used for problem solving in data-intensive industries to understand the child and help enhance their strong areas and develop their weak areas. We envision an education delivery mechanism where information is shared proactively with the stakeholders of the child’s future and actionable recommendations are provided to the parents. Our key differentiator is to do this at scale and do it at a personalized level. Based on the teachers’ inputs collected and processing through our algorithm crunching 1million+ calculations per student, we generate an individualized student portfolio that carries the following key sections:

  • Grades, Actual grades benchmarked against expected grades – based on historical performance and difficulty level of exams
  • Dials focusing on Academics, Exam Quotient, Communication, Class Behaviour – this can be customized as per school requirement
  • 4 areas of focus for the parent/school – we provide assessment and corrective recommendation to address the same
  • Observed traits – We provide a highly accurate and individualized feedback to the parent/school about the student’s personality and behavioural traits.
  • Deep dive subject analytics – We focus on skills relevant to excel on each subject, and we assess where the student falls with respect to those skills
  • Subject wise Grade Analysis

Learning Management System.

InsightsE LMS is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of educational courses. It delivers and manages all types of content, including video, courses, and documents. It includes a server performing core functions (creating, managing and delivering courses, authenticating users, video conferencing, serving data and notifications) and a user interface running inside an organization's browser as a web, used by administrators, instructors and students. Our multi featured LMS may be used to create professional structured course content. The teacher can add text, images, tables, links and text formatting, interactive tests etc. Moreover, you can create different types of users, such as teachers, students, parents. It helps control which content a student can access, track studying progress and engage students.

Below are the sessions incorporated in this product.

1. Online Class (Live streaming)

2. Online Exam.

3. Homework

4. Assignments

5. Documents & Videos

6. Announcements